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Re:5 ways to help the BadVista.org campaign by msn adresleri — Dernière modification 18/09/2008 12:16
great article thanks.
Re:Windows' Genuine Disadvantage by ptsniper — Dernière modification 16/09/2008 11:59
The only thing that keeps "windows" or microsoft alive these days in my humble opinion is DirectX and the laziness of games developers, and of course the big name companies like dell etc who bundle windows.

if games developers created games using open source libraries, that were platform independant - and good, then alot of people would switch immediately to linux, us gamers who want our games to work the day it's updated without having to wait months for the few developers of projects like wine to get the games to work.

also if computer distributers gave customers a choice, more people might realise what windows is, and why they do not really want it, at least that's my 2c
Re:Join the campaign and speak out for your freedom by olga123 — Dernière modification 16/09/2008 11:58
I completely agree with all that here is told
Freedom Searh
Re:Free software for a free society by basari — Dernière modification 15/09/2008 11:26
hi how to download badvisa can u see me ?
Re:BadVista.org: Time to jump by sthao109 — Dernière modification 08/09/2008 16:01
Re:Stealth updates, deletions by radu — Dernière modification 04/09/2008 13:02
deletion,stealth updates are important one. I agree.(gazduire web)
Re:5 ways to help the BadVista.org campaign by Guzel Sozler — Dernière modification 02/09/2008 18:01
need help about windows server 2008 ? which is better 2003 or 2008? thnx
Re:WANTED: One computer, free software friendly, no Vista by filmizle — Dernière modification 02/09/2008 18:00
xp is much better than vista. certainly faster
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The BadVista campaign, started in December 2006, advocated for the freedom of computer users, opposing adoption of Microsoft Windows Vista and promoting free (as in freedom) software alternatives. It declared victory in January 2009, with supporters moving on to do the same work against Windows 7.

You can support the campaign by joining the FSF.

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