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Re:5 ways to help the campaign by comment — Última modificación 16/06/2008 13:08
Güzel Sözler

We will waiting your other articles..
Summary by unvista — Última modificación 29/05/2008 14:38
So, if you bought a system too slow to handle the excessive encryption with Vista pre-installed, here's what you need to do:

* ignore the fact your system can't do the things promised in a satisfactory way - maybe use it to type email or something...

* wait 3.3 years

* buy new "compatible" hardware to handle the excessive strain caused by vista

* pray that the drivers all work - they probably won't

* buy a new copy of Vista for your new hardware - remember how they don't let you transfer you "lease" of Vista to the new computers? (unless you bought it retail)

* do something (sell?) your old computer

* clear out all your files - don't want to give away personal information - best to reformat your harddrive - you got working backup disks with your computer, didn't you? If not, you're screwed.

* re-read the legal licensing agreements to see if Microsoft has changed them to disallow the selling of your license of Vista with your computer - better have a sharp legal mind ready just in case

* advertise your computer for sale

* ship or deliver your computer to your customer

* follow up with post-sale issues

Oh, if you still have problems getting the promised functionality to work, Microsoft already has your money and doesn't care. Good luck!
Re:Don't give Microsoft the remote control by yzerman — Última modificación 29/05/2008 14:38
I agree DRM sucks, but Media Center under Vista or Windows XP is a very simple to use and implement product. Which I don't have to worry about complex patches, guide updates, crazy menu options, problems with cards not support properly, etc.. etc..

Myth TV and the free software movement at least in my eyes needs to solve that.

The problem is dealing with a new operating system, having to learn it from the ground up that is opposite of Windows and then having to figure out how to get Myth working properly with my hardware.

And god forbid if the guide stops working.

Personally my view is two fold a lot of people will accept the DRM because its Windows, its easy and comfortable for people to use. 2nd its something you can just install, it works and it doesn't have as high of a risk to break. I have media center pcs which have run for 2-3 years now without a single issue.

I've tried running Myth twice and both times (even with a preloaded image of Myth) it still didn't work properly.

Yeah, until DRM shows up to a annoying level I don't think people will look at Myth or any of the free software seriously.

Similar to how people can't seem to crack the Apple IPOD because the DRM isn't annoying enough to those people who use the product.

When annoyingness kicks in is when the general population and average joes will take your argument more seriously and look to any other products to serve their needs and goals.
Re:Don't give Microsoft the remote control by mstrmnd — Última modificación 21/05/2008 17:14
Forget Vista. If you want a true all-inclusive solution, use gnu/linux and MythTV (

- Mastermind
Story added by — Última modificación 21/05/2008 01:51
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Re:Windows' Genuine Disadvantage by alex786 — Última modificación 15/05/2008 14:28
There´s this URL about a guy complainting about his attempts to reactivate his authentic copy of Windows Vista. That's what's really annoying about vista: the lack of respect about our privacy and right to use the software for any purpose, once we have acquired it...
Re:Stealth updates, deletions by bryansee — Última modificación 08/05/2008 11:26
>Well, if Microsoft understands that a person wants to decide to install their own updates, then they should be respectful of that user's choice and be consistent with their policy. Being consistent means that they should tell the user that an update to Windows Update is available and that if they want it to continue to work properly, that this update should be installed. Maybe the user will decide to stop using Windows Update altogether, or maybe they will install the update. Either way, it should be the user that decides, not Microsoft.
Sure thing, I'll make sure that Windows 7 (we will know it later as Windows Paltrow or Windows Shatner) must let the user decides whether to install update, not Microsoft.
Re:Windows Vista Incapable by bryansee — Última modificación 08/05/2008 11:26
I've made a switch to Linux (although it is not GNU/Linux) from Vista a month ago. I'm finally free of handing over the keys to my computer when I first used Vista last year.

I believe the licensing terms for Windows 7 (known later as Windows Paltrow or Windows Shatner) should permit the users to do with their software without restrictions, and updating should be decided by the users themselves, not Microsoft.
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The BadVista campaign, started in December 2006, advocated for the freedom of computer users, opposing adoption of Microsoft Windows Vista and promoting free (as in freedom) software alternatives. It declared victory in January 2009, with supporters moving on to do the same work against Windows 7.

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