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Activists inform Vista partygoers in Boston

por John SullivanEnviado: 12/04/2007 19:53 Última modificación 12/04/2007 19:53
BadVista sticker in the wild

Boston BadVista activists

This past Saturday in Boston, BadVista and activists met up at a Vista launch event held by Microsoft for college students.

Their presence was a much-needed antidote to the overzealous Microsoft marketing machine. They distributed GNU/Linux CDs, BadVista stickers, and FSF flyers, helping to raise awareness about the many restrictions hidden in Vista's proprietary code and the superior free alternatives.

We were tipped off to this event by a BadVista supporter, and were able to organize people and materials to go at the last minute. If you hear about anything similar happening in your area, let us know!

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The BadVista campaign, started in December 2006, advocated for the freedom of computer users, opposing adoption of Microsoft Windows Vista and promoting free (as in freedom) software alternatives. It declared victory in January 2009, with supporters moving on to do the same work against Windows 7.

You can support the campaign by joining the FSF.

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