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Vista SP1 Preview

Par joshentrée postée le 09/10/2007 12:04 Dernière modification 12/10/2007 12:52

Word is out that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is in Beta mode. Reviewers mention that it is relatively unchanged, i.e., it is still running as a giant piece of proprietary malware, but, that it is running a little bit faster (one report takes a shot at it claiming that it is almost as fast as Windows 98). Unfortunately, Service Pack 1 still leaves Vista designed to restrict what users can do with their software.

So, my advice is: don't wait for Service Pack 1. Despite the free software worlds constant battle to acquire hardware specifications (often reverse engineering them) in order to develop free software drivers, GNU/Linux still supports far more hardware than Vista ever will. One of the reasons for this is because Vista needs certain hardware requirements to implement Digital Restrictions Management schemes and Trusted Computing schemes so that the hardware and the software can restrict how you can use your software, your data, and all of your multi-media content. I'm not sure you can run GNU/Linux on a shoebox, but you certainly don't need a top of the line machine like Vista requires. Most distributions run on anything from your old 12-pound laptop from the early 90s to the latest and greatest super-computer cluster, as well as most everything in between. When you install GNU/Linux, you decide if you want to stay on the cutting edge and be a "beta tester," or you can choose to run a heavily tested and stable version of an application. GNU/Linux is not designed to restrict the user.

In fact, free software carries freedom to the user. Microsoft claims absolute ownership over their software, but, with free software, you have all the same rights as developers do to use, to change, to share (even to sell) the software to whomever, and for whatever purpose you see fit -- and, as long as you continue to pass along those same freedoms to everyone else, it will always be free software. So, don't wait for SP1, install your favorite GNU/Linux distribution today, and be a part of a thriving and respectful community that values your freedom of choice and your freedom to do what you wish with your software, your data, and your multimedia content.


Re:Vista SP1 Preview

Posté par babbage babbage le 09/10/2007 12:04
The first Vista Service Pack has been announced. Amazingly Microsoft are already warning Vista users how it's Service Pack may stop some programs working: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7205059.stm I thought the idea of a Service Pack was to help make a computer with Vista run better.

Vista problems

Posté par sheraz sheraz le 09/10/2007 12:04
I've never seen an operating system so unstable than vista, perhaps it is far more unstable than windows 98 when it was originally launched! No software seems to work smoothly in vista. If I click on any executable to install any software, it is subjected to window's built-in screeneing process, that sometime takes upto 2 minutes before the instal shield runs actually. It is so irritating and yes it happens on my genuine vista home premium that came with my latest 2Ghz 2GB hp pavillion dv6599...

The sad news is that even internet explorer stops respoding right in the miidle of browising when you opened multiple tabs and are seriously researching online! Nothing is recovered after you restart.

Yahoo messenger has problems, DAP has problem these often stop respeonding and i know its all due to vista.

Windows sidebar is another tension at startup it often hags resulting in delayed startup. And wehn windows is updating, the system is very slow till update is complete and we actually restart the system. REALLY windows vista is designed to 'reduce' and 'restrict' when we can do with our PC!

Re:Vista SP1 Preview

Posté par darolu darolu le 09/10/2007 12:04
they probably added more "prohibited words":


Yeah you can not save a con.jpg no matter where.

Re:Vista SP1 Preview

Posté par k9mike k9mike le 09/10/2007 12:04
Any legal action for a defective product???

It is now the end of Feb 2008 and no SP1. And no date for a fixed product. Just a lot of complaints. For past year a defective product has been sold on new machines.

Re:Vista SP1 Preview

Posté par oyun le 09/10/2007 12:04

not found ?

Re:Vista SP1 Preview

Posté par ksreddy le 29/01/2008 10:44
What Josh said is cent percent correct. Free software carries freedom to the user. So, don't wait for SP1, and try to install your favorite GNU/Linux distribution today.

Re:Vista SP1 Preview

Posté par daan daan le 12/03/2008 12:11

Why are you so angry? If you don't like Microsoft and/or Windows and/or Vista, then just ignore the existence. Why isn't that sufficient? If I don't like Sony, because it doesn't play every DVD, then I just buy a Pioneer that does. Why would I make such a fuss about Sony? I read on this site that any linux distro can do everything you'd ever want with a computer. For me, that sounds easy: move to Linux and never think about Windows again. But it isn't that easy, because you guys are really angry. Vista, nor Windows, nor Microsoft have so much power that they force a mayor role in your lives, or can they? And if they can, can you tell me then how they have achieved that and why you guys (or any other person for that matter) can't break loose?

The war against MS has my attention for years now, and I still don't understand the hatred against MS. If I don't like Heineken beer, then I just buy another brand. Everyone agrees. But if I don't like MS, then I use an alternative and never stop complaining about MS. That's the part I don't understand.


The Netherlands

Re:Vista SP1 Preview

Posté par tl tl le 18/03/2008 10:57
Since working with vista, my down time has been exceptional. I first bought ME to find I had to buy xp, now vista64 to find out I may have to buy xp again. Money and many frustrating hours multiplied by a percenatge of the population. What class action lawsuits are available to the normal customer, and is any willing to sign on.

Re:Vista SP1 Preview

Posté par darolu le 11/04/2008 10:39
Sorry that link doesn't work for you, it still does for me, I uploaded it to another image hosting service site:

Replying to Daan, about "our hatred to M$", is not that we (well at least I and a lot of free software supporters I know) hate M$ and all of his products, is just that we are very concerned about software freedom and freedom in general; M$ supports and encourages techniques that put our freedom in danger, techniques such as DRM and many other policies they have made, support and encourage, I mean... you can't even name a file con.jpg for Pete's sake! not even if you make it out of scratch, does that sound right to you? it may be "just an image" for you, but imagine what they will forbid tomorrow. Their unethical measures and lack of collaborative spirit are just wrong, we in the free software world like to collaborate, share, respect each other's choices and support freedom, you can see the results nowadays with recent distros are just amazing, they all work great and allow you to work the way you want, give you the tools you want and need, and they all give you the freedom to do whatever you want with them; with Windows you can't even uninstall IE! not to mention the little "con.jpg" thing.


Posté par jg216 jg216 le 25/08/2008 17:08
So call it kon.jpg. C'mon it sounds like that filename has some significance to vista's system files. You know in Ubuntu Linux I can't name a file xorg.conf and save it to my /etc/X11/ directory without messing things up pretty bad, but I don't complain about that.

And although IE can't be uninstalled it can be pretty much swept under the rug, I do all my web browsing and downloading with the much superior Firefox, I only have to look at IE for a few minutes a month when some little installation app takes me to its homepage or something like that.

And I've never had any trouble with DRM... I just use media players and devices that don't acknowledge it.

Even my cracked copies of vista have never had trouble with genuine advantage.
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