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Microsoft admits Vista failure [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-04-21 10:00
Through their actions with Dell, Microsoft is admitting that Vista is a failure, and trying to stave off a shift toward GNU/Linux.
Avoid the Vista badge, it means DRM inside [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-04-16 14:00
Microsoft likes to blame media providers for DRM, but they are clearly a driving force behind it.
Several agencies issue moratoriums on upgrades while OS undergoes testing [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-04-13 20:00
[No Description]
Save Vista by making it free software [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-04-13 16:00
[No Description]
The Vista Backups That You Can't Have [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-04-12 20:00
"Microsoft's decision to intentionally hide backups of user data is just plain wrong. If Vista keeps backups of user data, the user is entitled to see, ...
Gutmann Reloaded and My Vista HD Fiasco [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-04-12 20:00
A firsthand account of trying to deal with confusion, problems and arbitrary malfunctioning restrictions -- DRM.
Using Even New PCs is Ruined by a Tangle of Trial Sotfware, Ads [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-04-09 16:00
This is not a problem with free software systems. » Blog Archive » Survey: most people know about Vista but few intend to upgrade [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-04-06 12:00
The Wow isn't so much starting now.
Microsoft sued over Windows Vista marketing [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-04-03 19:00
Just because a piece of hardware has a "Windows Vista Capable" sticker on it, don't expect that it will be able to live up to Microsoft's marketing claims. - [GNU]/Linux makes for greener computing [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-29 03:00
This article talks about "open source", but the same benefits apply when talking about free software. Vista risks creating a flood of unnecessary hardware ...
Vista's long goodbye | The Register [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-27 13:00
The part of this that concerns us is that you have to get Microsoft's approval before you can install a fix. Free software has no such restrictions.Free ...
Slashdot | Dell Refunds Vista/Works With Two Emails [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-25 23:00
If you do end up buying a computer that comes with Vista, you can try to get a refund for not using it.
Daily Techno-Babble » Three Reasons Why Windows Vista Is Sinking Like A Rock [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-24 16:00
"1. DRM problems and lack of anything even remotely demonstrating an understanding of how users want to use digital media."
Microsoft move could be the end of the JPEG [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-24 15:00
"The format, HD taking aim at the JPEG format, a 15-year-old technology widely used in digital cameras and image applications." Proprietary ...
heise Security - News - All Microsoft updates phone home [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-24 15:00
"In the Privacy Statement of Windows Update Microsoft grants itself fairly far-reaching rights."
FAA May Ditch Microsoft's Windows Vista And Office For Google And [GNU/]Linux Combo - Technology News by InformationWeek [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-24 13:00
Of course we will need to encourage Google to make the options they are offering free software.
Microsoft Suffers Latest Blow As NIST Bans Windows Vista - Technology News by InformationWeek [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-24 13:00
Government agencies continue to reject Vista.
E-043 Vista - Arrogance & Stupidity [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-22 17:00
"All other features were of lower priority and the needs of customers were disregarded if they conflicted with DRM." (Note that the article mistakenly refers ...
E-043 Vista - Arrogance & Stupidity [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-29 08:00
"All other features were of lower priority and the needs of customers were disregarded if they conflicted with DRM." (Note that the article ...
Free At Last [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-21 18:00
This article does make some mistakes (calling GNU/Linux Linux) and suggests a distribution that is not fully free (Ubuntu), but is useful for its recount of ...
Vista - Even The Experts Are Giving Up On It « The Blade by Ron Schenone, MVP [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-09 19:00
Even people who have been diehard Windows fans are considering a switch to GNU/Linux.
Forced software upgrades can add up for Vista users [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-06 18:00
Various forces work together to try and force users to upgrade. There is no need to be on this treadmill if you use free software.
Microsoft Hit By U.S. DOT Ban On Windows Vista, Explorer 7, and Office 2007 - Technology News by InformationWeek [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-05 16:00
[No Description]
Vista causes an array of problems - [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-03-05 16:00
[No Description]
heise online - Vistas User Account Control wenig vertrauenswürdig [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-02-26 19:00
Vista's user account control is not trustworthy
heise online - Microsoft Office 2007 flüstert übers Netz [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-02-26 19:00
MS Office 2007 secretly sends information to market research campaigns.
Ballmer blames pirates for poor Vista sales [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-02-26 19:00
Microsoft can't accept the fact that people just don't *want* Vista. Its solution is to crank up the surveillance (via WGA) -- which should in turn drive more ...
The *Nixed Report: The Dark Side of Microsoft [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-02-26 19:00
Details numerous issues about WGA, Microsoft systems phoning home, and possible security backdoors.
Buying a new PC? 'Windows Vista Capable' barely hits the mark [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-02-26 17:00
"Microsoft's on-the-box minimum RAM requirement "really isn't realistic," according to David Short.." -- more examples of outrageous hardware requirements.
Vista "Express Upgrade" anything but express [1%] by PloneRSS, 2007-02-26 17:00
"One source at a major OEM who spoke with me on condition of anonymity said that the real issue is that OEMs are still not sure which PCs are really ready to ...
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