Vista News Watch These are the search results for the site for the query, showing results 0 to 15. Slashdot | What's Really Broken with Windows Update - Trust It's a funny thing for an operating system that is supposed to provide you with "trusted computing" to do. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-10-16T19:00:03Z RSS News Item PC World - Newest Windows Update Snafu Puzzles Microsoft Reports abound that Microsoft again updated people's systems without their permission, even causing involuntary reboots and data loss! No publisher PloneRSS 2007-10-16T19:00:03Z RSS News Item Night of the Living Vista The OS should actually be referred to as GNU/Linux, but this article cuts through the Vista hype and shows that it's an attempt to convert the user's lack of freedom to profit for Microsoft, and that companies are recognizing the benefits of GNU/Linux. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-10-01T17:00:04Z RSS News Item Five ways [GNU]/Linux is better than Vista - Operating Systems - It's better to call the OS GNU/Linux rather than just Linux, which is only part of it. But this is a list of good examples of the benefits of having software freedom, over Vista. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-28T15:00:03Z RSS News Item DRM troubles drive ex-Microsoft employee to [GNU]/Linux | CNET It's better to call the operating system GNU/Linux, and we recommend using a fully free version like gNewSense. Calling it free software, not open source, helps us remember the importance of freedom from things like DRM. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-28T15:00:03Z RSS News Item Globalisation Institute - Brussels' most popular think tank website - Unbundling Microsoft Windows It wouldn't be a problem if the bundled operating system were free, as users could easily modify it themselves or get modifications made by others -- they wouldn't be dependent on people trying to control them. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-28T15:00:04Z RSS News Item PC World - Security Researcher Finds Flaw in Windows Media Player This article misuses the word "hacker" to be synonymous with something malicious, but this flaw shows how the proprietary operating system can interfere with your use of free applications. And now you just have to wait on Microsoft to explain it. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-20T20:00:03Z RSS News Item Copyright Insanity ~ Chris Pirillo Copyright enforcement gone awry, as it always does, creating unanticipated obstructions to expected uses. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-20T19:00:03Z RSS News Item - Vista attacked by 13-year-old virus [No Description] No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-18T22:00:03Z RSS News Item Microsoft Downplays Stealth Update Concerns In an effort to downplay the concerns, Microsoft says that the practice has been going on for a long time -- all the more reason to purge Windows. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-17T20:00:03Z RSS News Item - Microsoft pushes WLMessenger 8.1 upgrade: security reasons Microsoft forces you to install new software. What they consider security isn't necessarily security for you. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-14T18:00:03Z RSS News Item Microsoft updates Windows without users' consent - More information about the stealth involuntary updates pushed through by Microsoft. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-14T18:00:04Z RSS News Item ยป Confirmation of stealth Windows Update | Hardware 2.0 | Users say they don't want updates automatically installed, but Microsoft does it anyway. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-14T18:00:04Z RSS News Item heise Security - News - Microsoft secretly installs updates [No Description] No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-14T17:00:04Z RSS News Item New Zealand PC World Magazine > Microsoft stealth updates confirmed by many Here are some examples of Microsoft changing the software on your computer without your consent. No publisher PloneRSS 2007-09-14T17:00:04Z RSS News Item