Government daily 1 2007-03-30T18:09:52Z UK citizens: Sign this free software petition by July 22 <p>An important part of the campaign is <a href=" -toward-free-software">making sure our respective governments know</a> that we think it's their obligation to use free software. </p> <p>UK citizens can <a href="">sign this petition</a> in support of requiring that all publicly funded software projects publish source code under a free license.</p> <p>There are currently 801 signatures. Let's see how many more we can get beforethe July 22 deadline.</p> <p>Is there one out there for your country? Can you start one?</p> No publisher johns 2007-07-05T21:13:35Z COREBlog Entry Support governments moving away from Windows Vista and toward free software <!-- -*-mode:nxml-*- --> <!-- $Id: governments.txt,v 2007/04/20 16:56:35 johns Exp $ --> <p> Since the launch of Vista several governments and government agencies around the world have said publicly that they will not use it, including the US Department of Transportation and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. But we need to make sure that the space this creates is filled by free software operating systems like GNU/Linux. </p> <p> In some cases, governments are instead moving to other kinds of proprietary software. This is why we need to emphasize the <strong>freedom</strong> of free software operating systems like GNU/Linux and not just their technical advantages (as represented by the term &ldquo;open source&rdquo;). What we want is not the rejection of Microsoft in particular&mdash;we want governments to acknowledge the ethical ramifications of their software choices and leave proprietary software behind entirely. </p> <p> Though the rejections so far are good news, we shouldn't get complacent. In some cases these Vista bans are being presented as only temporary measures, with Vista still under long-term consideration. We still need to let our government officials know that we support free software. </p> <p> If you are a Massachusetts resident, you can let Governor Patrick know that you want the Commonwealth to free itself from proprietary software interests for good by going to <a href=""></a> and endorsing the issue. </p> <p> What can be done in other states, and other countries? </p> <p> <a href=""><em>Read more Stories about government agencies that have rejected Windows Vista.</em></a> </p> No publisher johns 2007-04-20T18:11:12Z COREBlog Entry