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DRM Semaphore [1%] by josh, 2008-05-20 17:25
Don't give Microsoft the remote control [1%] by josh, 2008-11-21 11:50
If you put Microsoft at the center of your home entertainment system,be prepared to hand them the remote control, literall...
rss_item.2008-04-07.6904405663 [1%] by josh, 2008-04-07 11:21
Windows Vista Incapable [1%] by josh, 2008-03-28 01:21
Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) is shipping and what weknow so far is that it is incapable of running on many...
GNU/Linux Inside! [1%] by josh, 2008-03-18 16:56
An image of the GNU/Linux Inside! sticker.
Images [1%] by josh, 2008-03-04 11:25
Stuff [1%] by josh, 2008-03-04 11:25
Categories [1%] by josh, 2008-03-04 11:25
Comments [1%] by josh, 2008-03-04 11:25
Vista SP1 Preview [1%] by josh, 2007-10-12 12:52
Word is out that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is in Beta mode. Reviewers mention that it is relatively unchanged, i.e., it is s...
Stealth updates, deletions [1%] by josh, 2007-09-24 11:53
Microsoft's Nate Clinton has used a bogus excuse to explain why Windows Update installs stealth updates without the user's conse...