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Re:WANTED: One computer, free software friendly, no Vista by filmizle — Dernière modification 02/09/2008 18:00
xp is much better than vista. certainly faster
Re:con.jpg by jg216 — Dernière modification 25/08/2008 17:08
So call it kon.jpg. C'mon it sounds like that filename has some significance to vista's system files. You know in Ubuntu Linux I can't name a file xorg.conf and save it to my /etc/X11/ directory without messing things up pretty bad, but I don't complain about that.

And although IE can't be uninstalled it can be pretty much swept under the rug, I do all my web browsing and downloading with the much superior Firefox, I only have to look at IE for a few minutes a month when some little installation app takes me to its homepage or something like that.

And I've never had any trouble with DRM... I just use media players and devices that don't acknowledge it.

Even my cracked copies of vista have never had trouble with genuine advantage.
Re:Stealth updates, deletions by aamir — Dernière modification 13/08/2008 10:01
here are cool links for vista wallpapers:


Re:Don't give Microsoft the remote control by vistasp1 — Dernière modification 09/07/2008 15:01
I hate to tell you this in the open, but Microsoft has nothing to do with the way DRM is being forced upon you. The studios and content providers are the ones that dictate the terms of distribution. They tell Micosoft that they will only allow their content to be distributed via DRM. All or nothing.

As far as I am aware, Microsoft does not want anything to do with DRM. They would like nothing better than to get rid of it. But to play ball, they have to meet the contractual obligations.

Let me say it one more time: Microsoft is not forcing DRM on you. You are forcing DRM on yourself by blaming the wrong entity.

Re:Stealth updates, deletions by jacker2 — Dernière modification 16/06/2008 13:10
Re:Stealth updates, deletions by edward6 — Dernière modification 16/06/2008 13:09
deletion,stealth updates are important one

Re:WANTED: One computer, free software friendly, no Vista by comment — Dernière modification 16/06/2008 13:09
Güzel Sözler

We don't like Vista forever GNU (;
at last a computer that can make vista perform well!!! by nautiq — Dernière modification 16/06/2008 13:09
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