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BadVista.org, I proud of you? by Lorgor — Dernière modification 19/12/2006 15:02
John Sullivan, program administrator of The Free Software Foundation (FSF) announced the BadVista.org a campaign against Microsoft (Windows) Vista.  I am interesting on this (I don’t care on what they want to do with Microsoft).
“Vista is an...
by — Dernière modification 19/12/2006 05:59
Organización estadounidense declara la guerra a Microsoft Windows Vista by Bloggers MSDN Latam — Dernière modification 19/12/2006 05:05
Voy a empezar contando una fábula, la de la mosca y el elefante. Había una mosca volando por todo el
BadVista, la seconda Intifada by casperize — Dernière modification 18/12/2006 22:26
Doveva accadere, era solo questione di tempo. Il Profeta ha parlato, la fatwa contro il nascente demone Windows Vista partorito dall’Impero del Male con sede a Redmond è firmata, i muezzin stanno salendo ai minareti per attaccare la lagna e...
BadVista.org by Timmy's Blog — Dernière modification 18/12/2006 11:27
The Free Software Foundation luanched a new site: BadVista.org
They want to promote free software alternatives that respect users’ security and privacy rights.
To be honest, I don’t know what they are trying to accomplish with this campaign...
Die Badvista Kampagne by — Dernière modification 18/12/2006 07:53
Die Free Software Foundation hat unter der Domain Badvista.org eine Kampagne gegen Windows Vista gestartet. Die Kampagne verfolgt zwei Ziele: Erstens soll auf die Gefahr hingewiesen werden, die sich Benutzer von Windows Vista aussetzen und zweitens sollen kostenlose Software Alternativen, die die Privatsphaere und die Sicherheit des Benutzers respektieren, gefoerdert werden.

Informationen wie man die Badvista Kampagne unterstuetzen und sich aktiv beteiligen kann, sind ebenfalls auf der Website zu finden.
Bad Vista by chorse's weblog — Dernière modification 17/12/2006 13:12
The Free Software Foundation has launched a capaign against Vista. You really should have a look. Freedom tastes of reality!

FSF Launches "BadVista" Campaign by Donna's SecurityFlash — Dernière modification 16/12/2006 22:08
From Slashdot http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/12/16/2252240 : FrankNFurter writes to note the launch
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The BadVista campaign, started in December 2006, advocated for the freedom of computer users, opposing adoption of Microsoft Windows Vista and promoting free (as in freedom) software alternatives. It declared victory in January 2009, with supporters moving on to do the same work against Windows 7.

You can support the campaign by joining the FSF.

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