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Re:Vista SP1 Preview by ksreddy — Dernière modification 29/01/2008 10:44
What Josh said is cent percent correct. Free software carries freedom to the user. So, don't wait for SP1, and try to install your favorite GNU/Linux distribution today.
Windows' Genuine Disadvantage by gnu — Dernière modification 18/01/2008 04:02
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Re:Tell Dell to sell free software systems by andly — Dernière modification 16/12/2007 21:19
Voted. i have purchased recently a new pc.
The dealer want to sell me a pc with vista preinstalled. I have bought a pc without any os.
Re:Tell Dell to sell free software systems by Alex Brola — Dernière modification 10/12/2007 18:27
Dell is doing a great job. Selling linux on their PCs and now they're going even further into it. Thank god someone has balls.
Re:Vista SP1 Preview by k9mike — Dernière modification 09/10/2007 12:04
Any legal action for a defective product???

It is now the end of Feb 2008 and no SP1. And no date for a fixed product. Just a lot of complaints. For past year a defective product has been sold on new machines.
Vista problems by sheraz — Dernière modification 09/10/2007 12:04
I've never seen an operating system so unstable than vista, perhaps it is far more unstable than windows 98 when it was originally launched! No software seems to work smoothly in vista. If I click on any executable to install any software, it is subjected to window's built-in screeneing process, that sometime takes upto 2 minutes before the instal shield runs actually. It is so irritating and yes it happens on my genuine vista home premium that came with my latest 2Ghz 2GB hp pavillion dv6599...

The sad news is that even internet explorer stops respoding right in the miidle of browising when you opened multiple tabs and are seriously researching online! Nothing is recovered after you restart.

Yahoo messenger has problems, DAP has problem these often stop respeonding and i know its all due to vista.

Windows sidebar is another tension at startup it often hags resulting in delayed startup. And wehn windows is updating, the system is very slow till update is complete and we actually restart the system. REALLY windows vista is designed to 'reduce' and 'restrict' when we can do with our PC!
Re:Vista SP1 Preview by darolu — Dernière modification 09/10/2007 12:04
they probably added more "prohibited words":


Yeah you can not save a con.jpg no matter where.
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